a hat full of sky
help, marjorie is dead.

This was taken with a phone camera this morning, around 5 am, through the window of the train as I was returning from Zagreb.

· Original this view and a good idea to illustrate your return.
posted by Anonymous Florian @ 20/7/07 01:33  

· i agree with florian a great return shot, am pleased you're back and looking forward to you getting you hands on your sisters camera again
posted by Blogger alek @ 20/7/07 06:58  

· Original commposition ! great rendered !
posted by Anonymous Olivier @ 20/7/07 10:54  

· i really like it, because you don't now if you leaving or arriving. excellent framing!
posted by Anonymous thomas mueller @ 20/7/07 11:15  

· yeah ! i agree with thomas ! it has some degrees of nostalgia feelings in it .
posted by Anonymous Kheoh Yee Wei @ 20/7/07 13:24  

· Glad to see you're back !

Nice shot !
posted by Blogger Fred @ 20/7/07 13:33  

· Welcome back...
Perfect shot, classic art shot with great composition, exposure and contrast.
posted by Anonymous Pooriya @ 20/7/07 16:41  

· Glad you are back, superb shot!
posted by Anonymous Ashish Sidapara @ 20/7/07 19:24  

· Welcome back, hope it was a great trip.
posted by Anonymous Jeff Ambrose @ 20/7/07 21:07  

· Welcome back!

Good composition & production!
posted by Anonymous Remus @ 20/7/07 22:35  

· I love that one.
posted by Anonymous Jen @ 22/7/07 12:21  

· Fantastic to have you back! Love this photo!
posted by Anonymous K.Muncie @ 29/7/07 21:31  

· Cool shot!!! I really like this one. It's very interesting - I get the feeling of being on my way to/from something. Very original.
posted by Anonymous Marianne @ 31/7/07 22:18  

· This is a very interesting and though provoking image. I have studied it for quite a while and I begin to like it more and more.
posted by Anonymous Seeking Focus @ 20/8/07 04:40