a hat full of sky
help, marjorie is dead.

I don't know whose dog is this but he was really cute. He was on the second floor balcony, barking excitedly at some boys that were playing across the street, and seemed friendly, but got a bit hostile when I got nearer to his house to take this photo - I guess he was saying "I may be cute, but I'm also a fierce watchdog, oh yeah. You better not mess with me." :D

· *lol* a funny portrait and well composed. he looks really friendly, wasn't he?
posted by Anonymous thomas mueller @ 7/6/07 12:34  

· :) Good dog...!
Nice capture!
posted by Anonymous Remus @ 7/6/07 13:48  

· toooo cute to be true. i just love that yellow/orange color on tha wall.....very well done! have a nice day
posted by Anonymous baziq.com @ 7/6/07 13:49  

· brilliant! i love it!
posted by Anonymous Kris [PiXistenZ] @ 7/6/07 15:12  

· Great shot. Seems like a different colour palette than I'm used to seeing with your pictures. Like the new quote too!
posted by Anonymous Derek @ 7/6/07 15:34  

· Fun perspective, a very vivid portrait!
posted by Anonymous Ashish Sidapara @ 7/6/07 18:38  

· Great shot. Love the deep blue of the sky against the brilliant orange. Cute dog.
posted by Anonymous Robert @ 7/6/07 20:39  

· Great shot! Nice angle, beautiful colors and wonderful sky and shadows. And cute dog :-)
posted by Anonymous Marianne @ 7/6/07 22:16  

· Excellent view. This dog in this graphical composition is great.
The tones, warm and cold, are nices.
posted by Anonymous Florian @ 7/6/07 22:55  

· Thank you all for your comments :)
posted by Anonymous Milena @ 8/6/07 02:00  

· That's a lovely photo, the dog is really set off well by the colours of the wall and the sky.
posted by Blogger BobC @ 8/6/07 17:42  

· Such a beauty. Couldn't get a better model for photoshoot :)
posted by Anonymous Andriy @ 8/6/07 18:50  

· That's a great sky you have there, fun looking dog too!
posted by Anonymous Jeff Ambrose @ 8/6/07 20:22  

· Brilliant photo! The colors and the compositions are great.
posted by Anonymous kaveh @ 9/6/07 11:46  

· Amazing colors and composition, lovely dog!
posted by Anonymous Paulo Jorge Oliveira @ 9/6/07 13:41  

· Looks like this dog is the one studying YOU. Great colors & contrast, but what sets this apart is the cooperative subject. He's adorable.
posted by Anonymous Photo Buffet @ 12/6/07 19:37  

· Nice contrast on this pic, i really like it. The dog also looks rather amusing ;)

posted by Anonymous Ubbe @ 17/6/07 14:22