a hat full of sky
help, marjorie is dead.

· there is only one leashed dog. you are just being mean to that poor woman...
posted by Anonymous krc krc @ 5/6/07 11:59  

· ca me rappelle ces photos de films des années 60 un peu surannées quand nous pensions tous que le futur serait un paradis
posted by Anonymous lasiate @ 5/6/07 17:01  

· I like your panorama of sea.
Quite, solitary and with dreamy colors.
posted by Anonymous anda @ 5/6/07 17:04  

· Always this vintage mood and atmosphere... I heard some old 60's when we are fligtiness...
posted by Anonymous Florian @ 5/6/07 19:01  

· Lovely framing, great shot!
posted by Anonymous Ashish Sidapara @ 5/6/07 19:42  

· I'm loving this place!
posted by Anonymous Paulo Jorge Oliveira @ 5/6/07 23:08  

· This looks like a photograph from the 60's. Love the faded colours. Nice vista.
posted by Anonymous Robert @ 6/6/07 01:07  

· superbe et ça donne envie d'une balade sur la plage
posted by Anonymous objectif-Plume @ 6/6/07 06:52  

· well composed image with three on the right side and the processing is wonderful like every day. ;)
excellent image!
posted by Anonymous thomas mueller @ 6/6/07 11:32  

· hey man .the blue tone on this shot is so lovley ,very beautiful shoot
posted by Anonymous reza khalili @ 6/6/07 16:28  

· Nice shot but the theme 'walking the dogs' is quite unclear to be noticed and appealing here,anyway,still a nice image :D
posted by Anonymous Kheoh Yee Wei @ 6/6/07 16:37  

· Thank you all for your comments :)

@ Krc: there were two dogs, honest. :)
posted by Anonymous Milena @ 6/6/07 16:59  

· great shot, i really like the colors here. it looks very vintage. the clouds are interesting as well.
posted by Anonymous Andrew @ 6/6/07 21:42  

· Wonderful composition & production.
A little paradise!
posted by Anonymous Remus @ 7/6/07 12:53