a hat full of sky
help, marjorie is dead.

This was taken at the same time as the shots in the previous post, I processed it in black and white to make it a bit dramatic.

· and tremendous drama it has, love the contrast and the brooding darkness... great!
posted by Blogger alek @ 31/5/07 11:16  

· very dramatic scene
the post processing is fantastic
the b/w too.
posted by Anonymous anda @ 31/5/07 14:30  

· WOW! :O
posted by Anonymous o!edipa @ 31/5/07 16:28  

· bien joué ! tu en as pris combien pour avoir celle-là, ;)
posted by Anonymous lasiate @ 31/5/07 16:40  

· Love the action you captured, the tones makes it even more dramatic!
posted by Anonymous Ashish Sidapara @ 31/5/07 16:57  

· A very stong photography, captured at the good time ! Great !
posted by Anonymous Florian @ 31/5/07 19:15  

· I like this in contrast to yesterdays post, definitely strength here. Great processing.
posted by Anonymous Jeff Ambrose @ 31/5/07 20:37  

· Ovo ces, naravno, uokvirit i objesit na zid, zar ne?
posted by Anonymous Bojan @ 1/6/07 03:47  

· beautiful visuel effect
posted by Anonymous odi photographe noir et blanc @ 1/6/07 13:23  

· Strong image and captured right on time.
posted by Anonymous riesenriel @ 1/6/07 14:42  

· The monster,... Top 10.
posted by Anonymous Paulo Jorge Oliveira @ 1/6/07 20:08  

· Great timing! Awesome shot.
posted by Anonymous Marianne @ 1/6/07 21:56  

· hey, bila sam u pravu kad sam rekla da si f*** talent. people need to see this. you seriously have an eye for a good shot, and talent for the moment. se mogu druzit s tobom?
- nadam se da postoji negdje baza svih tvojih radova (osim na webu). mogla bi izlagati. you should, actually. nadam se da ce ti pape kupiti novi pravi fotic - eee, di ce ti onda biti kraaj???!! :)
posted by Blogger Lltrepsa @ 2/6/07 12:12  

· wow, breathtaking wave image with so excellent contrasts. it makes a scary feeling and i love it!
posted by Anonymous thomas mueller @ 2/6/07 14:57  

· Good black and white photo.
very stong photo!
posted by Anonymous Remus @ 2/6/07 21:36  

· excellent job
posted by Anonymous Moncef @ 2/6/07 22:42  

· Awesome!! Very nice work.
posted by Anonymous martineb @ 3/6/07 20:31  

· wow! i don't think it can get any more dramatic than this.....
posted by Anonymous Kris [PiXistenZ] @ 4/6/07 10:12