a hat full of sky
help, marjorie is dead.

· your fotos always give me the '70s classical mood, which i like so much.

wish i could go to your country with my compact cameras in summer. it must be very beautiful.
posted by Anonymous io @ 28/5/07 16:43  

· Nicely done...
I like colors of your shots.
posted by Anonymous Pooriya @ 28/5/07 17:13  

· Love the holiday mood you captured, cool shot!
posted by Anonymous Ashish Sidapara @ 28/5/07 17:40  

· Yeah !

A candid holidays photography and the cross processing enhance this impression.
posted by Anonymous Florian @ 28/5/07 20:00  

· Tena koe ehoa
Very retro colour styles reminescent of the late 70's and early 80's. Groovy cool summer colour!
posted by Anonymous ndiginiz @ 29/5/07 04:00  

· Very cool shot!
posted by Anonymous kaveh @ 29/5/07 08:21  

· Beatles cover with a Croatian twist ;-)
posted by Anonymous Bojan @ 29/5/07 11:39  

· ovaj u sredini je mudro uzeo sladoled u zdjelici da ne mora teglit ništa :p jab to samo sve malo pomakla u desno više da se ne vidi čovjek u plavoj košulji, a da se vidi ruka čovjeku u crvenim hlačama :D
posted by Anonymous harle @ 29/5/07 13:16  

· nice holiday atmosphere.. together with your sixties-colors gives this a cool result!
posted by Anonymous Kris [PiXistenZ] @ 29/5/07 14:42  

· they look almost like a boyband or something :)))
posted by Anonymous baziq.com @ 29/5/07 15:01  

· so 70s lol!
posted by Anonymous elaine @ 29/5/07 16:32  

· I could so go for an ice-cream right now. Do you think they all know eachother? Brilliant the way they are all eating ice-cream.
posted by Anonymous Gavin @ 29/5/07 17:04  

· i like the social content, in50 years someone will look at it and say 'God thats what it looked like'
posted by Blogger alek @ 29/5/07 22:27  

· The best time of the year for sure. Lovely carefree mood here.
posted by Anonymous Jeff Ambrose @ 30/5/07 07:16  

· Boys will always be boys...
nice holiday atmosphere...
I need holidays... :(
posted by Anonymous Remus @ 30/5/07 22:01  

· I need holidays... I want holidays now!
Good shot!
posted by Anonymous Paulo Jorge Oliveira @ 1/6/07 20:03