a hat full of sky
help, marjorie is dead.

· yet another beautiful tones and great composition in this shot!
posted by Anonymous kaveh @ 25/5/07 12:03  

· nice post processing and composition!
posted by Anonymous kairospix @ 25/5/07 16:06  

· Seems like holidays... there's a long time.
Good processing as always.
posted by Anonymous Florian @ 25/5/07 16:56  

· The processing, as always, is fab! Has a very retro feel to it. I like the composition here also, the diagonal lines and the cyclists add motion to the picture. Very nice indeed!
posted by Anonymous BobC @ 25/5/07 23:14  

· a neću ja na engleskom pisat :?... super je taj stari štimung, skoro pa se vidim kako sa starcima u stojadinu stižem na more :p
posted by Anonymous harle @ 26/5/07 00:18  

· lovely tones. beautiful vacation feel.
posted by Anonymous amanda @ 26/5/07 03:02  

· cool picture; as ever the tone signature
posted by Blogger alek @ 26/5/07 06:36  

· Thank you all :)

@ harle: Naravno da ne moraš na engleskom pisat, glavno da ja razumin, kog briga za druge :D
posted by Anonymous Milena @ 26/5/07 09:05  

· Makes me want to take a vacation, lovely shot!
posted by Anonymous Ashish Sidapara @ 26/5/07 09:45  

· Great view, I love the sea and the sun!
I like your color choise!
posted by Anonymous Paulo Jorge Oliveira @ 26/5/07 15:07  

· Good vacation feel.
Well done!
posted by Anonymous Remus @ 26/5/07 20:47  

· Vacation feeling pure ;-) and lovely background with this plateaus.

Can you tell me, how you did the postprocessing? I love the look of this retro style (at your other pictures, too). Or can you give me some tipps for doing it? It would be very nice ;-)
posted by Anonymous Matthias @ 29/5/07 15:15