a hat full of sky
help, marjorie is dead.

Thank you all for your comments on the previous entry. :) I decided to post another shot of the Canadair - it's not a particularly good shot or anything, but I like it because it's a bit freaky to see it flying so low, and also because I like these planes very much (hate the fires though, hate hate hate). You can also see a bit of my neighborhood (my house is just around the corner on the left).

· 2 yellow points, great!
posted by Anonymous Paulo Jorge Oliveira @ 23/5/07 23:05  

· Great timing! Nice pic...
posted by Anonymous Marianne @ 23/5/07 23:12  

· Good capture. You were right on the mark with this one. Nicely composed with good colour.
posted by Anonymous Robert @ 23/5/07 23:58  

· Great timing!
posted by Anonymous Nathan Cowlishaw @ 24/5/07 00:58  

· Svidja mi se kompozicija i, naravno, odlican timing. Cini mi se da je ovo nekakv protupozarni zrakoplov. Nadam se da pozari nisu vec poceli harati po obali...
posted by Anonymous Bojan @ 24/5/07 02:30  

· hey, i know that baby! as they've all said; good timing
posted by Blogger alek @ 24/5/07 10:59  

· cool shot, love the colors as always, good timing indeed! seems to be a nice neighborhood to live.
posted by Anonymous Kris [PiXistenZ] @ 24/5/07 11:36  

· Good moment, with the answer of two yellow points.
As always, your tones seem like an old photography which my grand pa takes with his old Polaroïd.
posted by Anonymous Florian @ 24/5/07 12:26  

· insolite et bien intéressant comme point de vue. j'aime
posted by Anonymous objectif-p @ 24/5/07 12:56  

· Very nice capture, right on time, an interesting shot.
posted by Anonymous riesenriel @ 24/5/07 13:11  

· That's a perfect shot.
The colors, composition, contrast and idea are so excellent.
posted by Anonymous Pooriya @ 24/5/07 15:22  

· Perfect timing, lovely shot!
posted by Anonymous Ashish Sidapara @ 24/5/07 20:13  

· Excellent timing here, just one of those right place at the right time moments I guess.
posted by Anonymous Jeff Ambrose @ 25/5/07 18:50