a hat full of sky
help, marjorie is dead.

There was a fire somewhere close to Vodice today, and the firefighting planes were flying over us really really low, but I didn't manage to get very good shots. But I like this one, because it's minimalist, even though you can't really tell from this that it's a real plane flying low and not, for example, a model airplane or something.

· Good cropping and composition.
Nice color tone...
posted by Anonymous Pooriya @ 22/5/07 15:57  

· Cool shot!
posted by Anonymous Robert @ 22/5/07 16:53  

· Atmosphère étrange. belle compo
posted by Anonymous gild @ 22/5/07 17:25  

· oh this shot suggest me something about dreams... don't know why
nice colorshtt
posted by Anonymous anda @ 22/5/07 17:50  

· Excellent shot, makes me feel free like the freedom of a vacation or holiday.
posted by Anonymous Jeff Ambrose @ 22/5/07 18:49  

· What an exciting shot, I agree about the feeling of "Freedom" that is evoked in it, though the background story does sway that a bit.
posted by Blogger Justin @ 22/5/07 19:09  

· great flare.i don't like have any flare in my shoot .but this one is unique
posted by Anonymous reza khalili @ 22/5/07 20:00  

· A shot without rules, I like!
posted by Anonymous Paulo Jorge Oliveira @ 22/5/07 20:38  

· Very original composition, cool shot!
posted by Anonymous Claude @ 22/5/07 22:14  

· look mummy there's an aeroplane up in the sky! :D
posted by Anonymous harle @ 23/5/07 00:31  

· Very clever indeed! Great light and colour.
posted by Anonymous Daroru @ 23/5/07 01:09  

· Tena koe ehoa
Your image has abstract qualities a plenty! Interesting composition.
posted by Anonymous ndiginiz @ 23/5/07 03:32  

· great shot M, i thought of fire planes because of the proximity, before i read the info. Those pilots are really something, no?
sorry to hear there is a fire that required them so early in the season though, it's been heaving down with rain here so we've got a delay on that despite the really dry winter.
posted by Blogger alek @ 23/5/07 06:52  

· you are so fast to create this shot! Excellent.
posted by Anonymous kaveh @ 23/5/07 09:47  

· let me put it like this:
Shot of the Day!!
posted by Anonymous Kris [PiXistenZ] @ 23/5/07 09:53  

· I'm with anda. There's a real dreamy quality to this shot. Makes me think of lying back in a field and drifting off.
posted by Anonymous Heath @ 23/5/07 11:53  

· Excellent ! I like the simplicity of the shot.
posted by Anonymous Regis @ 23/5/07 14:25  

· Good framing and colors.

And, i'm asking how you can shot this one ?!?
posted by Anonymous Florian @ 23/5/07 14:35  

· Duck!
posted by Anonymous zora @ 23/5/07 16:03  

· Hi ! ,I love this shot , it´s so simple and powerfull!
posted by Blogger Sergio @ 23/5/07 17:49  

· That is really abstract - I really had no idea what I was looking at until I read the caption. Clever.
posted by Anonymous Phil @ 23/5/07 18:07  

· wonderful composed and i want to know what was happen...
posted by Anonymous thomas mueller @ 24/5/07 13:43  

· unusual, great idea!
posted by Anonymous sari @ 26/5/07 09:32  

· Marvellous shot!
Perfect colors and light.
posted by Anonymous Remus @ 26/5/07 20:45