a hat full of sky
help, marjorie is dead.

· lol! very cool angle with the bike in the foreground
posted by Anonymous elaine @ 15/5/07 20:08  

· and i really like the colors here
posted by Blogger luxquarta @ 15/5/07 21:15  

· hi milena...
goswin again...

i really have trouble configuring that blogger.
spent night and day..can't make it to work.

would you share your html code for the blogger?
i'd send you a nice print of my pics as a token.

what do you think?

by the way... some of your work reminds me of william egglestone...


posted by Blogger leaving me in doubt @ 15/5/07 21:42  

· Very cool post processing, bravo!
posted by Anonymous {-P-} @ 15/5/07 21:52  

· Nice shot! I really like the colors...
posted by Anonymous Marianne @ 15/5/07 22:02  

· Good moment, I like this picture, remenbers my country!
posted by Anonymous Paulo Jorge Oliveira @ 15/5/07 22:14  

· I love the title. very well done. Kind of makes the shot for me. As the others above me said, I like the color processing too. Well done.
posted by Blogger Jam Adams @ 15/5/07 23:25  

· you always creat very good colors. i love your sense of colors.
posted by Anonymous io @ 16/5/07 03:38  

· hi m. you seem to be getting the same winds as us no? or perhaps the picture was taken earlier. Good colours (as said) i like the geometrics and textures in the foreground.
posted by Blogger alek @ 16/5/07 06:04  

· Milena, Hey, I am unable to see all your photos. The page timed out a few times when trying to advance to the next photo... Just thought I'd let you know...
posted by Anonymous Nathan @ 16/5/07 06:22  

· wonderful shot. the textures are awesome
posted by Anonymous stjohn @ 16/5/07 09:07  

· Nice mood with this post processing, well composed.
posted by Anonymous riesenriel @ 16/5/07 09:58  

· Love this. The colors are great. Beautifully taken.
posted by Anonymous kaveh @ 16/5/07 10:04  

· Love the cross processed feel, superb shot!
posted by Anonymous Ashish Sidapara @ 16/5/07 18:19  

· The bike makes this one for me, especially the training wheels.
posted by Anonymous Jeff Ambrose @ 16/5/07 22:44  

· great title and i like the composition. for me it looks like the parking place for young drivers. ;)
posted by Anonymous thomas mueller @ 19/5/07 18:09  

· i love this. your work is very special and you prove that it's the photographer, not the camera that gets the result.
posted by Anonymous louise @ 19/5/07 20:52  

· Great scene and wonderful processing. I like the discarded bike in the foreground. Nice one.
posted by Anonymous Michael @ 21/5/07 14:11  

· i love this post-processing!
posted by Anonymous Mnemospecttion photographie noir et blanc @ 29/6/07 15:19