a hat full of sky
help, marjorie is dead.

· Nice pair of shots, sometimes the result of joining two or more shots is better than the single ones.
posted by Anonymous Jesus @ 9/5/07 08:57  

· Jesus is right (Jesus always is!); joining these two images makes the picture interesting, each one for itself wouldn't be. I like the desaturated colors and the contrast to the strong blue in the sky of the right half. very nice!

Oh and thanks for your comment on my blog!
posted by Anonymous marc @ 9/5/07 09:19  

· i like the combination of the two shots too.
beautiful processing withe blue note.
posted by Anonymous thomas mueller @ 9/5/07 10:42  

· great work man :) i love the double shot in solo frame .it's a long story
posted by Anonymous reza khalili @ 9/5/07 11:15  

· I like these two together. Gives a real sense of being part of that group of people in the left frame, as they stroll down the street.
posted by Anonymous Heath @ 9/5/07 12:24  

· Nice street shots! Looks very peaceful!
posted by Blogger Sidney @ 9/5/07 13:35  

· good shots and nice post-processing!
posted by Anonymous kairospix @ 9/5/07 18:21  

· Peaceful place.Great processing and view.
posted by Anonymous martineb @ 9/5/07 18:32  

· The combination works very well, lovely stuff!
posted by Anonymous Ashish Sidapara @ 9/5/07 19:05  

· Great processing, and a nice scene of life.
posted by Anonymous Florian @ 9/5/07 19:18  

· Nice street view! I particularly like the sky in the right shot.
posted by Anonymous Claude @ 9/5/07 19:55  

· nice pair!
posted by Anonymous sari @ 10/5/07 11:52  

· Very nice pics! Like the activity in the shots...
posted by Anonymous Marianne @ 10/5/07 21:16