a hat full of sky
help, marjorie is dead.

· lol! great title for this 70s style shot!
posted by Anonymous elaine @ 4/5/07 11:58  

· great summer style
I love the sea
posted by Anonymous anda @ 4/5/07 13:24  

· Brigitte Bardot has brand new bike and sneakers...
posted by Anonymous krc krc @ 4/5/07 13:31  

· Nice crossprocessing effect :)
posted by Anonymous {-P-} @ 4/5/07 13:56  

· Heh! Nice summer feel to this. Nicely observed.
posted by Anonymous anton @ 4/5/07 15:17  

· Great candid shot! Your funny title makes me laugh. Well done.
posted by Anonymous Robert @ 4/5/07 16:34  

· I agree. A nice summer feel to this image. Nicely done!
posted by Blogger Ash @ 4/5/07 16:56  

· great colour, seems like it's hotter further north.
check out the photographer i mentioned on your diptych you might find her interesting.
posted by Blogger alek @ 4/5/07 18:13  

· Well done composition! Nice shot.
posted by Anonymous kaveh @ 4/5/07 18:21  

· Love the toning, shot from the 70s.
posted by Anonymous Ashish Sidapara @ 4/5/07 19:30  

· Everything about this image says vintage to me except for that bike. Its a pretty cool effect.
posted by Anonymous Jeff Ambrose @ 4/5/07 21:05  

· great atmosphere again
posted by Anonymous moncef @ 4/5/07 21:37  

· Nicely shot. Great tones,beautiful atmosphère!
posted by Anonymous martineb @ 4/5/07 22:29  

· Very cool. You captured the scene and expression of hunger ;) perfectly. haha I truly like this picture. I also like the 70s look to it =)
Great Job!
posted by Anonymous UnieX @ 4/5/07 22:57  

· First of all, thanks for the comment on my site - glad it drew my attention to yours.

I've been looking through your archives for a while now and must admit that I'm really impressed. The overall fell of your collection, the creative and interesting compositions and the post processing all fits nicely together. Great work!

I'll definitely follow your postings from now on.
posted by Anonymous Thomas René Sidor @ 4/5/07 23:08  

· I like the x-pro effect. It fits the image style. But the modern bicycle does not, thats a bit sad. If she would ride some dirty oldskool bike, the picture would be perfect :) I also like the rest of your work, very interesting and creative ideas!
posted by Anonymous marc @ 4/5/07 23:13  

· nice color tone.... and vivid colors.
posted by Anonymous .:CushmoK:. @ 5/5/07 00:15  

· haha thats a genius title! Titles arent my forte!
posted by Anonymous Han @ 5/5/07 12:39  

· this is really cool and the summerfeeling in there is quiet awesome. like the processing!
posted by Anonymous thomas mueller @ 5/5/07 12:50  

· Haha, that's a great caption. I'll agree with the others on the processing, there is a very old, film feel to this image. It reminds me of old family summer holidays.
posted by Anonymous Phil @ 5/5/07 17:13  

· Great photo!
I also want vacations :):)
posted by Anonymous Remus @ 6/5/07 14:08  

· Beautiful x-processing, very 70s
posted by Anonymous Andriy @ 7/5/07 18:11