a hat full of sky
help, marjorie is dead.

· Interesting street scene, alot going on! I would go back and focus on that house with the bright green shutters!
posted by Anonymous K.Muncie @ 11/5/07 02:47  

· J'aime bien l'effet photo vieillie !
posted by Anonymous Inès @ 11/5/07 12:29  

· Hi Photobloger,

Nice blog and nice pics.

I´ve been trying to make a slide show on blogger but all the scripts i've tried didn't seemed to work.

Is it asking too much to tell how you managed to make it work? Do u store your pictures somewhere else

Big thanks anyway


posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 11/5/07 14:18  

· Very dramatic image. love the the way you have processed this one.
posted by Anonymous kaveh @ 11/5/07 14:27  

· nice quick shot!
posted by Anonymous kairospix @ 11/5/07 17:56  

· hey there...

really nice images!!
all together a stunning collection!

one question i have...
could you tell me how to configure the blogger (roughly) to do a site like yours???

very much appreciated!!!


posted by Blogger leaving me in doubt @ 11/5/07 18:05  

· the cross processing is good here.
posted by Anonymous Florian @ 12/5/07 00:43  

· Cross processing is lovely, besides that building with green windows looks very interesting. Hope you go some closeups of that.
posted by Anonymous Ashish Sidapara @ 12/5/07 08:12  

· yay for the vintage look
posted by Anonymous Puja @ 13/5/07 05:37  

· Like a paparazzi photo.
Good shot
posted by Anonymous Remus @ 13/5/07 16:39