a hat full of sky
help, marjorie is dead.

· like the colours with this scene, reminds me of somewhere like capri in the 50's, i call this sort of colour Agfa circa 1950, in any case.
the grain is good too for this as it was for the rose.
did you get my email, it might have got spammed?
looking forward to tommorow's picture.
posted by Blogger alek @ 1/5/07 07:35  

· I like the muted colors and the vintage look.
Is this crossprocessed film or a digital effect?
posted by Blogger eikemaschewski @ 1/5/07 08:16  

· un côté rétro qui m'amuse
posted by Anonymous objectif-plume @ 1/5/07 09:03  

· NIce image Puntina, i like this kind of retro tones, looks like an image of the '70
posted by Anonymous Jesus @ 1/5/07 09:32  

· That's a very retro looking car. The colors goes along together as well. Cheers!
posted by Anonymous Noor Hazmee @ 1/5/07 12:52  

· Thank you, everyone :)

Alek: I got your e-mail, hope you've received my reply :)

Eike: This is a digital image, I don't work with film (yet). The colors were enhanced in Photoshop, graininess and blur are the effect of shooting at dusk.
posted by Anonymous puntina @ 1/5/07 18:15  

· I like the color tone... But the car :( !
posted by Anonymous .:CushmoK:. @ 1/5/07 23:27  

· A nice oldschool look..
posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 2/5/07 13:08  

· i like the postprocessing very much. it works well as a holiday shot of the 70ies. :)
posted by Anonymous thomas mueller @ 2/5/07 15:17