a hat full of sky
help, marjorie is dead.

· Wonderful shot, Milena! It's very well composed with the two red and white buoys counterbalancing the boat. Also the blue tint colouring is beautiful.
posted by Anonymous Dennis @ 21/4/07 07:44  

· il y a dans les couleurs un petit côté rétro qui me plait beaucoup
posted by Anonymous objectif-Plume @ 21/4/07 08:13  

· I really like the color treatment here.
posted by Anonymous Chris @ 25/4/07 18:03  

· The cross processing is great here and give it an oldschool effect which is nice.
I think about the old polaroïd my grand-father made :)
posted by Anonymous Florian @ 28/4/07 12:52  

· beautiful
posted by Anonymous Puja @ 13/5/07 05:39