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This is Steve. Steve is a stray cat that tried to get into our house via the kitchen window on several occasions. (You can see here a picture of his tiny paws protruding through the kitchen window shutters as he tries to get in.) We named him Steve after Steve the Hedge in Over the Hegde. Steve hangs around our house all the time, even though a local dog (also an often visitor) barks at him like crazy and chases him away. Yesterday was raining pretty hard and Steve came to us looking for shelter. We put an umbrella on the table outside (as you can see in the photos) and gave him some food. And then one of my mother's friends came to visit and saw Steve and, after learning about the whole thing with the dog that keeps coming back to bark at Steve and Steve's annoying attempts to break into our kitchen, offered to take him away. I objected because I'm quite fond of Steve, but my mum let her. And now there's no more Steve meowing outside the kitchen window. And I miss his purring. :(

· Hi,
I really like your blog.
May I ask how you got your layout like that? I really want to have a photoblog, too. But with the normal layouts it doesn't really look like one.
Thanks. :)
posted by Blogger schoggigepfeli @ 10/2/07 15:56  

· I tried out a number of templates until I found one that was sort of what I wanted and stripped it of unnecessary bits, tweaked it a bit and worked on it until it looked very simple. It took a while :) If you don't know much about html and css (and it takes a bit to learn), there are photoblogging services you could try out, for example http://www.aminus3.com/ or http://www.photoblog.com/. Also, if you're new to photoblogging, I suggest you check out www.photoblogs.org - there's a lot of useful information there :)
posted by Anonymous pukunta puntina @ 10/2/07 16:28  

· thank you. =]
posted by Blogger schoggigepfeli @ 10/2/07 19:42  

· Steve is genial!
posted by Anonymous Ovidiu @ 11/2/07 10:36  

· Oh, this one's cute!
posted by Anonymous sari @ 7/5/07 18:05